Safe Surgical Environment

From the very beginning of the concept stage the directors decided that if there was to be surgery at The Medical Eye Clinic then the facility had to provide the very best in patient-focused care.

Infection rates in hospitals are something we frequently read about in the newspapers but there are systems that you can put in place to ensure that the theatre environment is clean and safe to minimize this infection risk. Amazingly, these systems are NOT a legal requirement for a cataract clinic and many private clinics do not bother to have these expensive systems installed.

Even worse some of them actually have air conditioning systems to regulate the temperature which could theoretically bring polluted air from outside directly into to the room you are having your surgery in.

At The Medical Eye Clinic no expense is spared in the quest for patient safety.

According to Yale University, a person’s mere presence in a room can add 37 million bacteria to the air every hour. If we then consider there will be up to five people in the room and one of those people is having surgery then we believe precautions should be taken.

The Medical Eye Clinic has a bespoke air filtration system custom-made by Interfurn UK to ensure that not only is the temperature comfortable for surgery but that dirty air from outside does not mix with the surgically clean air of the theatre. This Air Handling Unit is constantly “cleaning” the air to ensure our surgical environment is safe for our patients. Our Air Handling Unit is HTM compliant and has been inspected by the Care Quality Commission.

The walls of our theatre have been painted with a special theatre-spec substance and all the joins in the floor, walls and ceiling have been sealed so that the entire surgery area basically has its own climate.